Time has always been a fascinating element for humans, at the edge between the tangible and the intangible. Our desire to grasp it has led to a constant pursuit of time.
Should time be as important in our daily life than it has become ?

Sunset hours 

Although time is an element that has existed in our society for millennia, our relationship with it has changed fundamentally over the last few centuries. From being a simple phenomenon of our daily lives, it has become over time a structuring, controlling and governing element of our lives.  Its recent conceptualisation, in the late Middle Ages, in numbers has led to time being seen as a commodity that can be sold, thus becoming something to be controlled and owned rather than appreciated. 

Based on how humans experience the passage of time and used to look to the sky for clues to time through history, Dawn to Dusk is a translation of ever changing colours worn by the sky throughout the day, symbolising time flowing. The emphasis on the fluid nature of time means questioning how, through our constant pursuit of time, we have lost touch with the present moment.

Visualising time passing slowly, softly, detaching from the precision we are used to, Dawn to Dusk is an appreciation of the present.


Dawn to Dusk off

Made possible with the kind support of Bruns BV.
Credits :
​​​​​​​Pictures - Marcel Bednarz
Code Writter - László Poleczky
Dawn to Dusk was showcased during the Dutch Design Week 2022.
Selected for the SaloneSatellite 2023.
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