" 'Inflandia' is an installation which invites adults to explore their uninhibitedly playful side. Claire Chérigié contemplates why our relation to play tends to shift from childhood to adulthood, as adults tend to enact seriousness rather than playfulness. The project dares to propose serious play within a space filled with large inflated elements, sparking a sense of physical engagement without suggesting preset rules. By partially closing off the space from its surroundings, the installation creates a feeling of intimacy and safety, a space where social seemliness can be left at the door. 'Inflandia' teases curiosity by referencing immersive and interactive aesthetic gestures within an experimental exhibition setting. "
Made possible with the kind support of Pneumocell and Thomas Herzig.
Credits :​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Pictures - Ronald Smits & Marcel Bednarz
Text - Jeannette Petrik
Inflandia was showcased during the Dutch Design Week 2022.
Selected for the SaloneSatellite 2023.
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