Nitio is a hand rehabilitation kit based on the abilities that might be lost when suffering a stroke.
However, it can be used through the rehabilitation after any accident or illness leading to the partial loss of hands strength.
In most cases, hand rehabilitation is the last step of recovery.
Indeed, going through this kind of rehabilitation  corresponds in rewriting our brain configuration. If one side of the body remained intact, the learning process is based on mimicry, and beginning with the parts of the body recovering faster, thereby from legs, to arms, to hands.
Hands are part of the final convalescence due to their very complex range of muscles and what they allow us to do.
When loosing partly hand abilities through an accident, not only motor activities can be damaged, but sensitivity as well.
Training to re-recognize different tactility is a part of rehabilitation, since the sense of touch is very prominent within our hands.
Touch is an exteroceptive sense, essential for survival, self development, exploration, recognition,...
This sense being very important for  our evolution and development, its rehabilitation can’t be denied.
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