If objects quality diminished through intensive usage, leading them to not fulfil the action they were designed for anymore, doesn’t ultimately mean that they lost their entire value.
The different metal pieces are collected from a scrapyard, each representing an important amount of work and money involved. For most of them serial numbers can still be read, as a human trace upon them, and were probably part of high technical engineered machinery components.
Aiming to re-question the way we discard objects when they don’t respond to our needs or their original purpose anymore, though transposing their functions into a new one.
By building new objects inspired by the own shape qualities of these different parts, the highlight is put on their particular character and what they evoke. Side tables, candle holder, dumbbell and a necklace were the results of this original shape leading to new function process. Merging them with new component designed to fit them to bring back their uniqueness and reset their life cycle.
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